Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Shiner

A lifetime of beauty,
these other girls ain't got nothin' on me
They stare so hard sometimes I think they might shoot,
Girl please,
my perfume so nice while yours makes Jesus sneeze
They think they on my level
they wish
with basism worse than racism
Your platonic jealousy is so strong is so strong
it's like an ionic bomb
I make you crazy
like you got white line fever
But i would me crazy if i wasn't me either
Im the original "Mr. Steal ya' man"
Scratch that
I can steal your girl too
just gotta put my hair in a snapback

My eyes can burn holes in your soul
My lips spit lyrics that'll make you sick
The pen in my hand writes so fast it's like a sonic blast
My smile can make you cry
because I am the apple of all eyes.
Even when i don't try i just

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